Peggy Hoag

Owner & Grower

When I was a child, I would lay on my back in the grass envisioning land, with a rim rock above, a river in front and open rolling land between. I drew this picture over and over as a child.

In my mid 20’s my dream resurfaced. I now dreamt of finding land that would feed my soul; Land on a river in the country with wide open spaces, sunshine, and long sight lines.

In 1997, I began my search. One day, I was flying up the Gorge with a friend, telling him about my search, how I had not found my dream property yet. He suggested that I go further up the Columbia on the Washington side. He told me what I was describing existed along that stretch of the Columbia River.

The next week end I drove up to a real estate company in Goldendale. They told me they had nothing like I described, except 420 acres of remote land on the river with no water, no power and no road.

"I headed up there. When I pulled onto the property, I saw instantly it was the land as I had drawn it as a child. I had found my dream."

Now to turn it into my home. At first that home was two wall tents; The frequent wind was not my friend. Soon the spring was developed, the first grape vines planted, a road put in, electricity installed, and a well drilled.

Progress slowed through the 2008-2012 downturn, but my vision stayed clear. It was during this time that I built a small home on my land.

What I learned during my journey sculpted who I was, yet I still believed my dream of living on my land full time was in the distant future. However, when the uncertainties of 2020 arrived, I moved onto my land.

The Vineyard

Sundale Vineyard currently encompasses 5 acres of grapevines, with the initial planting of Sangiovese in 2002 leading to the production of Aanpama vintages from 2005 to 2008, later expanded in 2006. In 2012, a northeast block of Sangiovese was added, alongside the southeast block, collectively housing 1 acre of Sangiovese vines.

The estate’s expansion continued with the planting of a 4-acre west block of Cabernet Sauvignon in 2018, marking the inception of Aanpama wines, including the debut of a 100% estate-grown Sangiovese/Cabernet blend in 2021, with further innovations in 2023 led by Klipsan’s vineyard manager, Andrew Schults, to produce premium Cabernet Sauvignon.

The Burn of Columbia Valley AVA

Discover The Burn of Columbia Valley AVA, an intriguing wine region situated in south-central Washington, gracefully nestled to the west of the Horse Heaven Hills. Despite its warm climate, The Burn exudes the charm of a cooler appellation, a phenomenon attributed to the persistent winds that sweep through the area.

This emerging wine region is a testament to the spirit of renewal, with the majority of its vineyards taking root since 2015, although a select few were planted as early as 2002. The star of The Burn’s viticultural show is none other than the illustrious Cabernet Sauvignon.

Notably, Aanpama was the pioneering vineyard to embrace the future of The Burn of Columbia Valley, marking the beginning of this captivating journey. Join us in exploring the unique terroir and exceptional wines that define this extraordinary AVA.

Aanpama Harvest 2015

Aanpama achieved its inaugural harvest post the Columbia Burn, establishing the vineyard as a trailblazing presence within the AVA.